About Our Clinic

Family Medicine & Geriatric Center

At Family Medicine and Geriatric Center, our goal is to provide high quality medical care to patients of 18 years and older, with a specific focus on helping our middle aged adults and geriatric population age in a healthy manner throughout Hidalgo County. 

We pride ourselves in taking on a holistic approach with the cooperation and support of various kinds of specialists suited for our patients’ unique needs. At our practice we do our best in trying to prevent, diagnose, and treat geriatric syndromes or diseases that are all part of getting older to encourage a better quality of life.

Family Medicine and Geriatric Center

Dr. David Schnaiderman

Born in Lima, Peru, Dr. Schnaiderman studied medicine and earned his Medical Doctor degree from the Universidad de San Martin de Porres in 2001. Following a couple years in private practice in his home country he ended up choosing to further his studies at the Family Medicine Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, Texas. There he earned his Family Medicine degree in 2008, as well as a Geriatric Fellowship at UTMB, where he graduated as a Geriatrician in 2009.