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Our services are built around a holistic approach to care that prioritizes whole-being wellness and patient-centered treatment. Holistic care helps us provide better outcomes for our patients, maximizing their well-being and health. Dr. Schnaiderman is a board-certified family physician and geriatric fellow, and he’ll put that experience to work for your health.

For Geriatric and Primary Care in Edinburg, You Can Rely on Our Holistic Approach

Balancing Health and Wellness

Holistic Care: Your Key To Whole-Being Wellness

Holistic care is an approach to medical care that keeps all aspects of a person’s well-being in mind when making care decisions. That means prioritizing treatment that meets your unique needs with a fully personalized plan. Holistic care centers on whole-being wellness, including physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental health. We provide care and treatment that offers better health outcomes and overall health for our patients in Edinburg.

Edinburg Primary and Geriatric Care

Holistic Care Is Our Foundation

Here at Family Medicine and Geriatric, we bring a holistic approach to everything we do, including both primary and geriatric care. With holistic care as a foundation, we work to promote healthy aging among middle-aged and geriatric patients, as well as overall health and well-being. We provide diagnosis, treatment, and guidance to patients regarding a number of common injuries, illnesses, and conditions, and we can help you restore your health and wellness. For primary and geriatric care in Edinburg, you can rely on our holistic approach.

The Benefits of Edinburg Holistic Care for Your Health

Health Promotion

Whole-Person Healing

Better Health Outcomes

Diabetes Depression

Prioritize Mental Health

Stimulate Natural Healing


Center Preventative Health

Maintaining Optimal Health

Patient Empowerment


Personalized Care


Mind and Body Connection


Balance Stress

The Pillars of Holistic Care: What Holistic Care Means for You


Your physical health and wellness can have a huge impact on all aspects of your life. We provide care to support and restore physical health.


Emotional well-being is a key part of whole-being health, and we prioritize providing care and guidance that keeps your emotional well-being in mind.


Your social wellness involves your ability to make and keep healthy relationships. Our holistic care puts value on your social health.


Spirituality looks different for every patient, but spiritual care is broadly about fostering your sense of purpose, direction, or meaning in life.


The strength and health of your mind can have far-reaching impacts on your life. Our care prioritizes intellectual health.


Your financial well-being can have effects on all other parts of your health, from the care you receive to the stress you feel.


Your environment plays a huge role in your overall wellness, and keeping that environment in mind is a key part of caring for your health.

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