7 Ways People Living With COPD Can Avoid Flare Ups in Cold Weather

There are a plethora of ways to cope with how you are feeling to improve both your health and quality of life if you are living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This becomes more and more important each day now that we are entering the colder months of the year.

Our health care team here at Family Medicine & Geriatric Center has helped those feeling down or anxious about their COPD symptoms and the change of the weather for years. Our effective treatment and counselling have helped many of those living with COPD discover what they can do to avoid flare ups and improve their quality of life, and we’ve got a few tips to share with you down below.

What Can I Do to Make Sure My COPD Doesn’t Flare Up During the Cold?

  1. Keep a look out for poor or severe weather with the weather station of your choice.
  2. Monitoring air quality reports is also crucial as, unfortunately, pollution doesn’t vanish during the colder months.
  3. Avoid burning wood in your fireplace or stove as the smoke that builds up can affect your COPD.
  4. Cover the oxygen hose of your tank to keep it as warm as possible. That warmth should keep the air flowing within it warm as well.
  5. A scarf or mask can warm up the air before it enters your nose and mouth. Be sure to wear one frequently.
  6. Be sure to set your humidifier to an air humidity level of 40 percent indoors.
  7. Stay away from normal circumstances that could trigger your COPD, like:
              Secondhand cigarette smoke
    Chemical fumes, dust
    Irritants from your furnace or other heating units

Counseling is also a great opportunity to discuss your worries or emotions about your COPD and the cold with our staff in a comfortable setting.

Family Medicine & Geriatric Center Helps Those That Suffer From COPD and Other Acute and Chronic Illnesses

In the wintertime, make sure to see your doctor frequently and follow our suggestions listed above. Also, ask us if any pulmonary rehabilitation programs would be right for you. They can help keep you active and healthy, even when weather conditions aren’t ideal.

At Family Medical Center in Edinburg, we can evaluate your COPD symptoms and help recommend the best approaches to keep your health and quality of life where it should be.


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