Is It Possible To Reverse Osteoporosis?

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Many people who struggle with the disease known as osteoporosis often wonder whether or not it’s possible to reverse the effects of this frustrating bone condition. As it turns out, the answer is complicated.

The family doctor and team of skilled healthcare professionals at the Family Medicine and Geriatric Center of Edinburg, Texas, are here to answer this question and give you tips on the best ways to handle osteoporosis!

How To Avoid Further and Reverse Bone Density Loss

The question of whether or not bone density loss is reversible is complicated. 

Unfortunately, bone density loss reversal is not possible without the aid of medication prescribed by your doctor. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to help prevent further bone degeneration!

There are two types of medication that help prevent and reverse the effects of osteoporosis:

  • Antiresorptive Meds – Medication that comes in various forms; slows the breakdown of density in the bones. 
  • Anabolics – An injectable medication that helps to generate more bone than is lost, which ultimately results in a reversal of bone density loss.

On top of medications, there are many lifestyle changes you can make that involve diet and exercise. Though they won’t reverse density loss like the medications, they’re still very important.

The types of foods you should eat include:

  • fruits and vegetables
  • dairy products high in calcium and vitamin D
  • lean proteins like chicken and fish

Furthermore, you should avoid alcohol, soda, and caffeine in high amounts as well as make sure to exercise for a few hours a week.

Learn More About Osteoporosis Care With Edinburg’s Top Family Doctor

Now that you better understand how diet, exercise, and medications can delay or even reverse bone density loss, there’s no better time to learn more with Edinburg’s number one family doctor and the team at Family Medicine and Geriatric Center.


While the answer to the question of how to reverse osteoporosis is complicated, what’s simple is the decision to talk with the best family doctor in Edinburg, Texas. Reach out to the Family Medicine & Geriatric Center today!