Prevent and Fight Back Against the Common Cold at Home

Family ill with flu at home

Runny nose? Check. Congestion? Check. Sneezing and coughing? Double check. If you start to experience these symptoms in the upcoming months, there’s a good chance our old friend, the common cold, is the culprit. 

Even though there’s no cure for the common cold virus, there are many holistic treatments to combat symptoms as well as steps you can take to avoid the frustrating illness. 

Please note, you should always see a doctor if symptoms don’t go away or worsen.

The family doctor and team at the Family Medicine and Geriatric Clinic in Edinburg, TX, are here to give you the best tips on how to prevent and fight back against the common cold at home. You won’t be at the mercy of congested sinuses with our help!

Ways To Prevent the Common Cold

The best way to “cure” the common cold is to never catch it in the first place! While it’s always possible to get sick, there are ways we can train our bodies to better fight off invading illnesses.

Here are a few ways to stay healthy this cold and flu season:

  • Exercise, Meditate, and Eat Right – People who have a daily or weekly workout routine and monitor what they eat have a much better chance of fighting off the common cold. Additionally, meditation has been shown to fight illness through the reduction of stress in the mind. 
  • Stay Hydrated and Rest – Water is key to our survival, so it makes sense that you want to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Blood oxygenated by water helps flush viruses from your system. Be sure you also get plenty of rest to recharge your body and immune system.
  • Keep Warm – There’s a reason it’s called the “cold,” since lower temperatures give the virus a better chance to spread and reproduce. Bundle up to give your immune system some much-needed backup.

Combat the Common Cold With These Home Remedies

As we said, it’s impossible to avoid the virus one hundred percent, so, if you do get sick, here are some of the best holistic home remedies for cold relief. Of course, you should always see a doctor if things don’t improve.

  • The Key Ingredients to Health – Apple cider vinegar, honey, garlic, ginger, and even elderberries have all been shown to be beneficial in fighting back against the common cold. Through a combination of antioxidant, antiviral, and other properties, these foods can be a wonder as home remedies.
  • Take Your Vitamins – Research has shown that people who take a daily multivitamin are better off than those who don’t. Vitamin C, specifically, can help fight against a rough cold.
  • Epsom Salts and Essential Oils – Add some Epsom salts to your next bath to help your body release toxins and heal more quickly. Essential oils can also help decongest and bring much-needed relief!

Medical Care Is Always an Option With Family Medicine and Geriatric Clinic

Now that you have a better idea of how to prevent and combat the common cold, you can continue to live your regular life without stress this cold season.

Remember, though, that the family doctor at the Family Medicine and Geriatric Clinic is always happy to see you if things don’t improve as well as help with a variety of other problems.

The common cold affects millions of people a year, so take advantage of these prevention and cold relief strategies. Be sure to always contact the family doctor at the Family Medicine and Geriatric Clinic if your symptoms are serious!