Understanding Holistic Health Care

When you think of holistic approaches to medicine and wellness, what things come to mind? If your thoughts go to “alternative medicine,” then you should reconsider that definition, because holistic health care is so much more!

The healthcare professionals and family doctor at the renowned Family Wellness & Geriatric Center of Edinburg, Texas, are ready to share exactly what holistic health care means and its many benefits!

What Exactly Is the Holistic Approach to Health Care?

While many people have heard the term “holistic medicine,” the general public doesn’t always fully grasp what this term means and everything it covers.

“Holistic health care” refers to the treatment of someone from every perspective, including mental, social, spiritual, and physical. The holistic approach acknowledges that each of these aspects of our lives influences the others, so all must be addressed when treating a patient.

For example, anxiety can be a physical ailment just as much as a physical one. The stress on our minds often leads to feeling sick in other ways, so holistic health care seeks to treat all aspects of anxiety.

Types of Holistic Care Practices

Holistic health care utilizes a variety of methods to heal people, including clinically proven more “common” treatments, such as surgeries and medications.

However, holistic health care may try other approaches as well, such as:

  • massage or chiropractic care
  • introduction of exercise plans or dietary changes
  • yoga, pilates, or even acupuncture
  • spiritual/psychological counseling

Someone who suffers from some type of chronic pain may be told to try some or all of these different approaches. Medication may be beneficial, but a lifestyle change could also help patients just as much or more.

The Many Benefits of a Holistic Approach

Finally, let’s talk about the ways holistic health care actually benefits patients, as results are generally the most important thing in medicine. 

Of course, you should always talk to your doctor before making any changes to your health care routine. Once you’ve received approval, it’s very possible that the introduction of holistic health care to your life will improve it in a number of ways. 

These include:

  • increased ability to fight disease and heal more quickly
  • prevention of long-term ailments and disorders
  • lower levels of anxiety and stress 
  • better lifestyle habits
  • decrease in symptoms of depression

Family Medicine & Geriatric Center: Promoting Holistic Health Care

The family doctor and team at the Family Medicine & Geriatric Center of Edinburg, Texas, hope that this introduction to holistic health care will make you consider all the aspects of healthy living. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have and begin the road to a healthier life!

Are you curious about the concept and benefits of a more holistic view of health care? Call the family doctor at the Family Medicine & Geriatric Center in Edinburg, Texas today with these and any other questions!